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Facility Discharge and Ongoing Home Delivery of Medications


Winston’s Pharmacy fills delivers to your facility all medications before you leave.

Winston’s Pharmacy continues to deliver your medications directly to your home or new facility.

  • We accept most insurance carriers including Medicare, Medicaid, etc.
  • We provide convenient monthly billing for co-pays and OTC medications.
  • Special packaging is available if requested.
  • We can expedite refills and have a pharmacist to consult with you.


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Home Delivery

We have Home Delivery service. Why wait!. Ask us about Home Delivery. Contact Monday to Friday 8AM to 4PM


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Senior Long Term Care (LTC)

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Geriatric Community


Caring for those in Recovery. We are always available to you to answer any of your insurance or medication related questions or concerns.


Often patients are discharged from care facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, intensive care units, and rehabilitation centers) and sent home with medical prescriptions NOT filled.

For a number of reasons, from being home-bound without transportations, feeling too sick to wait at a pharmacy, confused, scripts misplaced or lost, or even for financial reasons because of issues with providers, the elderly do not receive their medication.

Working in collaboration with physicians, caseworkers, nurses, and family members, Winstons Pharmacy provides a Discharge and Delivery program in order to ensure that patients are sent home with all their medication in hand. Each month refills are delivered to the patient’s residence upon request.