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Facility Discharge and Ongoing Home Delivery of Medications


Winston’s Pharmacy fills delivers to your facility all medications before you leave.

Winston’s Pharmacy continues to deliver your medications directly to your home or new facility.

  • We accept most insurance carriers including Medicare, Medicaid, etc.
  • We provide convenient monthly billing for co-pays and OTC medications.
  • Special packaging is available if requested.
  • We can expedite refills and have a pharmacist to consult with you.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Will all my medications be delivered to the facility before I am discharged?

Yes, We will coordinate with your caseworker and physician.

Will Winston’s Pharmacy continue to fill my medications and deliver them to my residence each month.

Yes, We will continue to fulfill.

Can I switch all of my medication prescriptions to Winston’s Pharmacy?

Yes, We can arrange for them all to be transferred and delivered to you.

Does Winston’s Pharmacy accept major Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare Part D. etc?

Yes, We do accept.

What is your service policy

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How you can be contacted

Call us today at

  1. (713) 944-6000